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A Podcast for Real Estate News, Oddities, and You!

Some days we’ll talk with guests, some days we’ll check out luxury listings, other days we’ll talk about what’s going around the real estate news but really, this is the people’s show…we cover what you want to cover!

Welcome to Deerwood Realty and Friends!

Live, Laugh, Learn about Real Estate from someone who does it everyday

Every Day John goes out into the jungle of real estate sales in St. Louis, Missouri and every day something new is learned.  He shares this on the podcast, which is also a livestream usually around 9 p.m. nightly

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John usually streams around 9 p.m. weekly, it can be all over the place on the weekends depending on listings and buyers….you can set reminders on YouTube or just hit the play button below for the feed.

What People Are Saying

"Refreshing, no B.S. "
Mark Park
Beet Farmer
"I mean, is it a livestream or a podcast? Does it REALLY matter?"
Bill Hicks
"It can't be easy doing a livestream daily around the topic of residential real estate .... but he does!"
Christine Abbott
"It certainly passes the time"
Chuck Perez
Pet Groomer
"Make it stop!"
Julie Smith
"I'm not sure I'm at the right place"
Svetlana Valieva
Figure Skater

Meet Your Host

John was inspired by the real estate bug at an early age…6…he went to an open house and had a horrific time.  Why were his parents forcing him to be here at this stupid house with stupid walls and stupid bathrooms? There’s cartoons to be watched dammit!

John took that stupid open house and years later found his passion.  Founder and managing broker for Deerwood Realty, a small residential real estate brokerage located in St. Louis Missouri.  From here he found he could always go to houses with stupid walls, stupid bathrooms….there was even more stupid! 

The chance to help buyers and sellers find not stupid became his mission.  And now he streams and does a podcast to help others…if he can just help one client not do something stupid, isn’t that worth it?


John Schink